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what is a niche

So what is a niche? A niche is the main essence of your blog. So if you’re a guitarist and you start ablog about guitar, then the niche of your website will be “guitar”. Similarly if you find a website that talksonly about dogs, then “dogs” will be the niche of the website. Selecting a niche is easy. But more important than selecting a niche,is selecting a profitable niche. See, starting a blog requires hard work. You can’t just start a blog, write a fewarticles and expect to drive millions of visitors to your blog. You need a proper strategy in order to scalea blog from 0 – 10,000 visitors per day. And this is why we have created our free affiliatemarketing mastery course,

where I teach you all of that in a step-by-step manner. To access all of articles of this free course,click on the “i” button here. And also you’re spending significant amountof your time on your blog, so wouldn’t you want to make money off your blog? Most new bloggers make this mistake of startinga website on what they like. And many years later they see good results. And especially in 2019, where the competitionis increasing by the day, you need a proper strategy in selecting a niche of your blog.

So watch this article until the end, and I canguarantee you will be able to find a profitable, money-making niche, with low competition foryour blog. Also, if you don’t want to waste your timedoing the niche research yourself, then you can get my excel sheet where I’ve alreadydone comprehensive research on Amazon, in 50+ categories. I’ve also categorized them into the commissionyou get, the competition level on the scale of 0 to 10, and whether you should go intothat category or not. So if you want this excel sheet, all you haveto do is like this article, subscribe to our channel and comment with “Yes, I want it”in the comment section below.


Once we hit 500 likes and comments on thisarticle I will make the link of this excel sheet public in the description section of the article. Since this article is part of our free affiliatemarketing mastery course, and I want all of you to make money on autopilot, I will betalking specifically about Amazon, and how to find a low competition, high-profitablecategory that you can promote. A lot of you get stuck in the step of nicheresearch. And this step is extremely vital for the sectorsof your affiliate website. What should my website be about? Which niche should I target? This is the most common questions that I getin my live streams. Before I take you into my laptop screen whereI’ll show you exactly how to find a low-competition, high-profitable niche, there are a few thingsthat you have to keep in mind before selecting a niche. The first step is to choose a niche that peopleare actually looking for. I will be showing you later in the  article howto find data for this. What you don’t want is to create an affiliatewebsite about a topic that people are not even searching for. Even if your article gets number one on Google.

But only 100 people are searching for it inthe entire month. You won’t be able to make any money. The second point is, choose something thathas low competition. Later in the article I will be showing you howto find a low competition niche, but as a general rule, don’t go for a high competitionkeyword. Especially when you’re a single man armyor you’re a beginner. I have a team of 9 people and experience of7+ years in affiliate marketing and SEO. So I can take the risk of going in a highcompetition niche. But for you, in can result to loss of timeand money. For you, you might think that very big orpopular niche like mobile, through that you’ll be able to drive thousands and millions ofpeople to your website and will be able to make much more money. But then again the competition in this nichewill be extremely high. And the chances of you ranking number oneon Google, will be extremely difficult and also it will take a very long time.

I want you guys to start making money on justfew months, not in years. So go for a low competition niche. Now the third point is, choose something thatyou yourself like. You will be spending a lot of time on yourwebsite, like configuring it, writing the articles, creating social media profile anda lot of time in doing the SEO of your website. So if you yourself do not like the niche,then sooner or later you will lose the interest, and then you will say that this method doesnot work. I want you to achieve success and I want youto make money of your affiliate website. So trust me, go for a niche that you yourselflike. So if you don’t like cats, don’t go intoa cat niche. Rather if you are interested in technologythen go for it, because then the work won’t feel like a burden. Think about the hobbies and what you likeand that’s a good place to start.

So guys the first step in finding the perfectniche for your first Amazon affiliate website, is to search for this, that is “Amazon affiliatecommission” on Google. And when you press “enter”, all you haveto do is open this page. So this page contains the commission structurefor various categories that are available on Amazon and how you can promote it, andwhat will be the commission that you will be getting on each category. So if you’re an Amazon affiliate and youare promoting let’s say Kindle devices or ebooks, then the commission rate is 10%. So the commission rate usually leads from0 % – 10% on Amazon. So whenever you are selecting a niche, theultimate goal is to select a category where the commission rate is higher. And also the average selling price of theproduct is also high. So let’s say you are selling a product oflet’s say Rs20,000 and the commission rate is let’s say 10%. Then you’ll be making Rs2,000 as profitfor each sale that you’ll be generating. But then again finding such a category isdifficult because already too much competition is there in the high profit categories. So in this article I’ll be telling you howto do the niche research, how to find a low competition, high profitability niche foryour first Amazon affiliate website. So I recommend you guys go through all thesecategories and their commission rate, and also bookmark this page on your browser, becauseyou’ll be revisiting this page multiple times.

Majority of the people think they’ll startpromoting mobiles because it’s a very common category and a lot of people will be buyingit. But then again you’ll see that the commissionrate on mobile is only 2.5%. And also you have to make sure of one thing,that all the popular mobiles that are launched in the market, like OnePlus6 or any othernew mobile that is very popular in the market, usually they are excluded from the affiliateprogram. So if you are promoting any of these models,then you will only be getting 1% of the affiliate commission. And these products are excluded from the affiliateprogram. So if you are promoting any of this, thenyou won’t be getting any commission. So whenever you are promoting a mobile ora very popular product that is high in the market, make sure that it is not in this excludedproduct category otherwise you won’t be making any commission. So usually, whenever I am creating an Amazonaffiliate website, I am usually looking up a commission rate from 4% – 8% or 10% if it’savailable.

So like a 4% category like mobile accessoriesor an 8% like health and personal care are also very popular. Because more and more people are getting healthconscious, so it’s a good category. And you can also go for apparel and shoesbecause the commission rate is 9% because fashion is something that is not going anywhere. So, the first step is to go through this commissionstructure, the next step is to select few of the categories and start doing research. So let’s start with… okay, I’ll takethe musical instrument category here. And it has 8% commission rate. So let’s do some initial research on Amazonon how the products are, what’s the average selling price, etc. Usually whenever you are creating an Amazonaffiliate website, your ultimate goal will be to write an article which will be somethinglike “Best XYZ”.

So let’s say if you’re doing the nicheresearch for a musical instrument website, then we might be looking for “Best Guitar”or any other musical instrument, right? You can also do the category research by clickinghere on “shop by category” and this will open up. And here are also the other categories thatare available on Amazon, this is another good way to find the other various categories like-so let’s say if you’re going into the electronic section, then you can know thatthese are the various categories that are popular in the Indian market. So similarly this really helps in findingthe niche, because each of these categories can be a website for itself. Like I can create an entire website only aboutheadphones. I can create an entire website only about,let’s say furniture. So these are the various niche that you cancreate a website on. So we’ll go to the musical instrument category,let’s see how it performs. We are at the musical instrument category,let’s see the various products that are available and what are popular. So primarily, people are looking for drumaccessories, guitars, and… okay, keyboards as well. So let’s open few of these links. Here you will also find various article ideas,because you can also write an article about guitar accessories or pianos. So the ultimate goal is to also look at theaverage selling price of the products in this category.

As I said earlier, the higher the productprice, the more profit you’ll make as commission. So let’s go into the guitar section. I can see that majority of the guitars areselling for- in the range of Rs2,000 – Rs4,000… we can also see guitars from Rs8,000, Rs6,000… So let’s say the average price of the guitaris somewhere close to, let’s say Rs4,000, okay? So, we know that in musical instrument thecommission rate is 8%. So I have create this excel sheet. So, let’s go for… guitar. So I’ve created this simple excel sheetjust to do my niche research, you can do it yourself as well. So I’ve added the category, the amount oftraffic the article is receiving, the conversion rate, etc. So let me explain it to you. So this is the category of whatever we aretargeting, let’s say we are targeting the guitar, and the other musical instruments. Now, how to find the traffic for the numberone article. So what we’ll do is we’ll search for thekeyword “best guitars on India” on Google search engine. And we’ll take the top result, let’s takethis top result. Once you copy the URL you have to open a freetool by Niel Patel, it’s called “ubbersuggest”.

Search for it… open the free tool, it’sfree to use, and then the URL here… make sure the country selected is “English/India”,and click on “search”. Then what you have to do is go to the “toppages” section, and search for the URL that you just copied. So here- as I can see that the number oneURL that is ranking is “13 Best Guitar Branch in India”, the one that we copied… andapproximately 779- this is the number, this is the traffic that we will be driving ifwe are ranking number one on Google search result for a target keyword. You can also see the various other keywordsfor which your article will be ranking, which is just like the main keyword, like “bestbrand of guitar… best guitar brands, best guitar in India” this is ranking for numberone- number four position. So the actual traffic if you’ll be rankingnumber one will be close to 1,000. So what we’ll do is we’ll add this approximatetraffic here… let’s say 1,000 people visit your article every month. And the conversion rate is usually 1%. So let’s say 1,000 people visit your article,then in my experience in running many affiliate websites, I’ve seen that 1% of the peopletend to buy the product, the conversion rate will be 0.01, which is the one percent. The average selling price of the guitar wesaw that it is close to 4,000, and the commission rate was 8%. So, my earnings from that particular articlewill be Rs3,200. So I’ll be making a commission of Rs3,200. And you can see that the number of backlinksthat this particular article has is 0. So that even without backlinks, this articleis ranking number one. So the competition in this niche is “verylow”.

So ranking this article as number one on Googlewill be extremely easy. Similarly I did a research on the DSLR categoryearlier, and I saw that the traffic potential for this article was close to 20,000, conversionrate 1%, average selling price of a DSLR is close to Rs30,000, the commission rate is4%, so my earnings will be around R2s40,000 per month, if my article like “best DSLRin India” is ranking number one. But then again the competition is very high,rather it’s “very high”. Because the earning potential is very high,that is Rs240,000, that’s why the competition is also very high. So ranking this article as number one on Googlewill be difficult. You won’t be writing a single article onguitar. So let’s say if you’re writing a guitararticle for guitar like “best guitar in India”. Then your website will be in the music categoryor maybe the guitar category. Then you can also write articles like “bestelectric guitars… best acoustic guitars…” You can also write articles about accessories,like “best guitar accessories…” And you can also write particular reviewsabout a very popular guitar. So this is how you scale a website. Your main article will be the best main categoryof your website, and then you can scale the website by adding more articles as relatedto the category. Like if your website is more into the musicinstrument, then you can also go into the tabla, piano, or various other musical instrumentsas well. Similarly if my website is in the DSLR category,I can also write many other articles like “best lenses, best camera accessories, bestcamera bags…” and so many other things.

So to find the article ideas for this, youcan just go to Amazon and see. Like I’ve just opened a musical instrumentcategory here. I can see so many article ideas like, bestpiano here, this might be something related to guitar, like best type of query for this… I can also write individual reviews, and addaffiliate links in that as well. I can also write articles about audio interface,DJ controllers and so many various things. So this is how you do the niche research. Let’s do the niche research for one morecategory. Let’s go into the “books” category. Okay, the commission rate is 8%. So… let’s go to… books, search for it. The one good thing about books category isthat the search volume is really high. Because so many people are looking for a particularbook review, or best books to read in 2019 or so many different queries for that. And also the books category has various differentsubcategories like action, arts, and law… literature, reference, religion- so many differentcategories. You can create entire website just about bookreviews, and add you book reviews in there. But one thing that you have to keep in mindis that the price for books is very low. So whenever you’re doing your niche researchwith your excel sheet, the average selling price of a book will be something close toRs300 – Rs200. And even if the commission rate is 0.08, whichis 8%, still you have to drive a lot of traffic that is at least close to 100,000, let’ssay the traffic is 100,000 and the conversion rate is 0.02. Let’s take a good conversion rate. The money you’ll be making, will be Rs32,000per month. So we are talking about books category here. So let me give you a gist of the entire processonce again. All you have to do is first open this pageof Amazon affiliate commission. Go through various categories and the commissionrate. And also I recommend you guys to create thissimple excel sheet for yourself as well. I’ll also make sure that I make this excelsheet available for download.

So all you have to do is after looking atthe commission rate, start doing the research for individual categories. So go to Amazon.in, click here on “shopby category”- various other categories will be shown. Start doing research on the categories thatyou like one-by-one that has a good commission rate. Once you select the category, look for thevarious articles that are ranking for that category. Take the URL of the article that is alreadyranking, go to “ubbersuggest”, that is the free tool by Niel Patel. Add the domain name here… click on search,go to the “top pages”, find the article, and look at this particular metric. This is the estimated visit you will be driving. Add that in the niche research here in thetraffic area, add the conversion rate which is somewhere in the range of 1% – 2%. Add the average selling price, add the commissionrate and this will give you the oral earnings. And for the competition, what you have tolook at is the number of backlinks that the article has, which is ranking number one onGoogle search results. So what you’ll have to do is, do this forat least 10 – 15 categories that you like and that you think has good earning potential,and then look at the profit here. Like which category has low competition, andhigher earnings. So whichever category has a low competitionand high earnings, you can get into that category as the niche of the website. And guys if you have any questions regardingthis niche research you can ask on the comment section below and I will make sure that Iwill reply to you within 6 – 12 hours. Just for example, I’m taking the case studyof a very popular category like “best mobiles in India” when you search for this the mainwebsite- the most popular website that come on number 1 and 2 position are the “91mobiles”and “digit.in” So I’ve added 91mobiles.in here in ubbersuggest. I’ve gone in the top pages section, you’llsee here that the popular articles are like “Samsung mobile price list… Xiaomi mobile price list…” this particulararticle is “best mobile phones under Rs10,000”. And look at the traffic that this websiteis driving, 155,000 visitors per month. And if we are looking at the 1% conversionrate we know that you’ll be selling 1,553 mobiles at least from your article. So if your article gets ranked number oneon this article- so if your article on best mobile phones under Rs10,000 gets ranked numberone, you’ll be selling this many mobiles. But then again the competition for this articleis really high because you need high-quality 20 backlinks, and you’re competing witha very high authority website which is 91mobiles. So getting this article ranked will be extremelydifficult, but then again the money you’ll be getting will be good. So this is how you have to do the niche research,you have to look at various niche which you like then you have to complete this excelsheet and this excel sheet will give you a clear picture on which niche you should gointo. So what are your next steps? Click here to watch the next lesson, and clickhere if you want to watch our free affiliate marketing mastery course playlist, where Ishow you how to scale an Amazon affiliate website from $0 – $1,000 per month.

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