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Hi guys, welcome to the free digital masterycourse. My name is harsh, and I help students,experienced professionals and people looking for career change learn digital marketingfor free. So that they can enhance their resume, geta job, and open up for ample opportunities. Who am I to even teach you digital marketing,right? After all why would I teach you a 60,000 rupeescourse for free. Well, I’ve been doing this digital marketingfor seven plus years now. I have a portfolio of seven plus websitesthat drive approximately ten lakh visitors, and make me close to five to seven thousandsdollars per month. Apart from that, I also do paid consulting,I’m a trainer and a speaker. Now comes the big question, what is digitalmarketing? In simple terms, digital marketing is allabout driving more customers.

Be it any product, all services, using thesetechnologies primarily through the internet. There have been an exponential rise in thedigital marketing jobs. More and more companies are using digitalmarketing to acquire new customers. Now, let’s talk about how learning digitalmarketing can help you. Digital marketing is a skill that everyonemust have. There are numerous benefits for everyone. You can easily get a job, you can even doa career shift, if you are not happy with your current work. You can even take freelancing work as well. You can become a full-time freelancer or doit part-time, for extra money. Now, this is especially good for college studentswho needed extra pocket money while practicing the newly learned DM skills.

You can even enhance your resume by addingDM as a skill. Students, and even working professional canstand out among the rest of the competition in their interview by adding DM as a skill. If you are a small business or a start-upowner, or even planning to start a start-up, even then this digital marketing mastery coursewill help you immensely. Having the knowledge of digital marketingwill be a key asset for you to grow your business. Trust me guys, this is a skill that will helpyou, one way or another. Now, let’s talk about digital marketing jobsin India. Unlike the saturated and more competitivecareers, digital marketing is a fairly new field. And it is expected to grow at a rapid pace. So how much do digital marketing jobs pay? It is one of the highest paid jobs in India. Now, I must mention that job is not the onlyway to make money through digital marketing. You can even start a business, just like me. Or you can even do paid consulting for thecompanies. Like I’m charging $100 – $200 per hour formy personal coaching. And the best part is, you can even createa passive source of income either through blogging or affiliate marketing. We’ll be talking all about this in the futures.

Who can learn digital marketing? Well, you don’t need any special qualifications. No technical background needed. All you need is one laptop or a computer andan internet connection, and that is all you need. Even a six-class student can start learningdigital marketing. Few days ago, I saw a kid from Romania whois 18 years old and he’s in Facebook ad campaigns of hundreds and thousands of dollars. And he started to learn digital marketingwhen he was 17. So, if an 18 year old kid from Romania cando it, then you can do it as well. There’s no age limit, no massive course fee,only your willingness to learn. What are the best way to learn digital marketing? Well, when I started, there was no one toguide me. No one to tell me the best tools, tips orstrategies that actually work. Lucky for you, I’ll be teaching you all ofthat. You need a guide, a person, who has made themistakes so that you don’t. Please don’t spend 40, 50, or 60 thousandrupees on these digital marketing courses. Learn with all of us. We have an engaged community in our Facebookgroup, where you’ll be learning with thousands of others and we’ll also be providing youwith bonuses, checklists, and worksheets. One big advice that I can give you, is thatpractical knowledge is what matters the most. So don’t just watch the s lessons, butalso take action. Complete all the steps, associated with eachlesson to be able to actually learn it. This is the right thing for you guys, don’tbe confused, we are here for you and if you have any question you can email me at my emailID “contact@aggarwal.in” You can even twitter at “#ask” or you can directlygo to our Facebook group and ask your questions there. And I’ll be quick to reply. Welcome to our amazing community of digitalmarketers in India. I’m so happy to have a new member, who willbe a future success story. I’ll make sure that this journey of makingyou a digital marketer is fun, exciting and as easy as possible. Also, you’ll be getting a certificate at theend of this course. Towards my own exit, I have this one simpletask for you, join our Facebook group and introduce yourself, and I’ll see you in thenext lesson.

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