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Hi, everyone. Aaron here for ,and this is the brand new iPhone 12. Now this particular one is the new bluecolor and it comes in five different colors. This year, black, white product,red, green, and this new blue color. Now it starts at a hundred dollars morethan last year’s iPhone 11 when that came out. So that means it’s$799 for 64 gigabytes of storage, $849 for 128 gigabytes or $949 for 256 gigabytes of storage. It’s $30 more if you wantthe fully unlocked version. So you get the lesser price. Ifyou get it through a carrier. Now this is the 256 gigabyte variants. So let’s go ahead and unbox it andtake a first look. Now, as you can see, the box actually says just iPhone on it. It’s very thin comparedto what we had before. So here’s an iPhone SE box for comparison. It’s about half the thickness ortwo thirds, the thickness or so. And let’s go ahead and open itup. So we’ll open this up here And let’s take the top off the box. And so you can see there’s the blue color. We don’t have any piece ofplastic or anything on the back. We just have the front, which is nowmore a piece of paper instead of plastic. Let’s go ahead and remove this And you can see here’s the phoneitself. So it looks really good. Now this comes in at 5.78 ounces or 164 grams. It’s not very heavy. I thought maybeit’d be a little bit more heavy, but maybe the pro model will be.So we’ll set this aside for now. Let’s take a look at what’s in the box. And so we have our lightning toUSBC cable.

So as you can see here, we have USBC to lightening.And then in the box, we have a smaller size pamphletwith a SIM ejector tool. Then we just have a little guideand then a single Apple sticker. And so we just have thissingular white Apple sticker. I would love if they’d match them withthe color, but they don’t do that. Now. We don’t have a charge adapter. Of course you’ll need toeither use MagSafe for that, which we’ll talk about a little bit lateror you’ll need to buy an adapter. Now, if you have an iPhone 11 pro, you won’t have a problem oran iPad with the USB-C adapter, you won’t have a problem, but you willneed to get something to charge this. This will work with a Mac book oranything else that’s USB-C though. Now, as a comparison with last year’siPhone 11, you can see here, the iPhone 12 is a little bit shorterand it looks to be a little bit narrower. So if we look at the sides here,it’s also a little bit thinner, so it’s not as tall. Andif you look at it this way, it’s not as wide and it looks pretty good, but it has a similar size display. Solet’s go ahead and talk about that. So let me turn it on. And then we’llgo around the outside of the phone, talk about the display and everythingelse. So there we go. It’s booting up. And so on the left handside, just like always, we have our volume buttons withour silent switch above that, and then an antenna band on top, nothing but an antenna band onthe other side of power sleep, wake button are millimeterwave 5G antenna. That’s what this cutout is anotherantenna line. And then on the bottom, we’ve got our lightning adapter in themiddle and then microphone and speaker, just like you would expect. Nowthe display is an OLED display. It’s a 6.1 inch super retinaXDR. There’s no compromises. As far as quality this yearbetween any of the models. The one disadvantage isit doesn’t have 120 Hertz. So this particulardisplay is 2532 by 1170, with 460 pixels per inch. It can go up to 625 nits of brightnesssupports HDR and true tone and has the new ceramic shield. So hopefully it holds up a littlebit better than last year’s. Now internally it has an A14 bionicchip set and 4GB of RAM. Although we’ll confirmthat a little bit later, let’s talk about the camerasand then we’ll set it up.

Now, as far as the rear cameras on the back, we have two 12 megapixelcameras just like last year, but the ultra wide has an f/2.4 aperture and the wide, which is the newer lens isan f/1.6 to allow more light. In last year, we had an f/1.8 aperture. We’ve got 2X optical zoom and5X digital zoom with Dolby vision HDR. Now on the front, we have avery similar camera to last year. It’s a 12 megapixel, true depthcamera with an f/2.2 aperture, and they both front andback can do 4K 60 video. Now let’s go ahead and turn it on.Of course we do have stereo speakers. We’ll talk about more later, but we’vegot stereo on the bottom and top. So let’s go to the setup. It says, Hola, we’ll go to English and let meset it up from my iPhone 11. So I’ve added my Apple ID. It wants me to add the passcodefrom my iPhone 11 on the iPhone 12. And now it’s setting up the phone.This will take a few minutes now, a couple quick notes while we’re waitingfor that. And this phone is very flat. In fact, it’s very much like the iPhone 5, the screen does not sit beyond theoutside aluminum rail here that we have, and it looks really good. So Ireally like the squared off edges. I miss that from the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S so I’m glad to have it back. I know not everybody is superhappy about that, but I like it. The blue color is really a dark richblue color. Hopefully it’s as color, accurate as can be, so you can see it. And then the camera cutout is amatte finish just like last year. So I really liked the overall look of it. I like that the sides are matte aswell. That shows less fingerprints. So this should be pretty nice touse. So we’ll wait for it to set up. Let’s set up face ID. We’ll hit, continue. We’ll hit get started andlet’s go ahead and set it up. Just move my head around here. Okay. Okay. Continue. And we’ll do it again. And there we go. So ID isset up. I’ll hit, continue and continue the setup. Now I’ll move my SIM card into thisso we can test out five G as well. But let me go ahead and hit agree. Gothrough the setup. Now, at this point, we can set it up as a newphone or restore from a backup. I’m not going to transfer anythingjust to get it set up quickly. We’ll go ahead and hit continue. Andit says, keep your phone up to date. We’ll hit continue. Now we don’t haveto do this.

We can set it up manually. As far as automatic updates,normally there was an option. So this has changed with thisversion. So we’ll wait for it here. It’s asking me if I wantto set up Apple pay. This screen is a little bit different.It looks like, but I’ll set it up later. Now it’s asking me ifI want to improve Siri, dictation sharing audio recordingsor not. Now I’ll say not now. Share app analytics. You canshare with developers or not. And then you can change the display.Zoom I’ll leave at standard. And it says welcome to iPhone. And so now we’re on the main homescreen and it looks familiar. Of course, it’s what you would expect with an iPhone. Those black borders area little bit striking, but the bezels are nice and thinand it looks like an iPhone. Now let’s take a look and seewhat version is pre-installed. So we’ll go to settings, thenwe’ll go to general and about, you can see it has version 14, 0.1 on it. Now let’s go ahead and take alook at some of the wallpapers. See if we have anything new, we’ll goto wallpaper, choose a new wallpaper. So we’ll go here, go tostills, nothing new here. And we’ll go back one. And underlive, we have some new ones. So this is the blue iPhone.I’ll select blue set, both. And again, if you go in here, it willanimate. If you press on the screen, although this display is haptictouch, it is not 3d touch. So you get the ideathere. So we’ll go home. And now we have the new wallpaper.Now, other than that, of course, there’s a lot of newfeatures with this phone. One of them is you cancharge with magsafe. And so let me show you themagnets underneath here. And you can see with this magnet paper, there’s some magnets underneath andthat’s the ring and you can charge with that. Now let’s go ahead and plug thecharger on and it’s on there pretty tight. It doesn’t look like it’sgoing to fall off at all. And it says, well, I went into notes, butyou’ll see it’s charging. Let’s see if there’san animation for that. Now let’s go to the lockscreen and see what it’s like. There we go. There’s a nice animation. And then there’s supposed to be ananimation if you use different color cases with it and let’s try the blue case. There we go. There’s a bluering. Try it again with plum, just to see what it lookslike on the lock screen. And now it’s a plum color. So you’ll see that it changesbased on the case you put on. It’s just a nice little touchthat we’re used to with Apple. Now let’s go ahead and take a look atof the other features them being the camera. The camera has,there’ll be vision HDR. So let’s go down to camera hereand see what options we have. So you’ve got different things forscene detection, of course, smart HDR. We’ll turn on grid. And then ofcourse, like I said, recording video, you can go 4K60 HDR. Ourvideo here is an option. So record up to 30 frames per secondin 10 bit high dynamic, the range, including Dolby vision. So we’lltest that at the end of the video, I’ll record with this camerain HDR and see what it’s like. Now let’s go ahead and take a look atthe camera and you can see there’s the rear camera photo mode. We’ll go into the other options. So we can adjust exposureand things like that. Just like some of the newer iOS 14features, but let’s go back and, and we’ll go back to video. Solet’s just record a quick video.

So I’ll hit record and you can, here’s the quality out of the videocamera. This is the rear camera. You can see there’s theiPhone 12 pro back there. And in general it looks pretty good onthis display, vibrant, nice and bright. And then let’s see, go back tophoto. We’ll take a photo here. You’ll see it darkensconsiderably. And if we zoom in, it’s pretty sharp, thequality looks pretty good. So it’ll be pretty interesting to trythis out a little bit more extensively, and then also let’s spin around theforward facing camera. And of course, this is the forward facing camera. Sowe’ll hit record here. We’re in 4k 30, and now we’re recording facingcamera of the iPhone 12. And so I wouldn’t really expect toomuch of a difference other than with the neural engine helping out a little bit, but let me know what video you likebest in the comments below. Now. Also let’s try out fiveG. See what that’s like. So we’ll pop out theSIM card tray here. Now, one thing to note is this is dualSIM, but if you’re using dual SIM, it won’t be able to use five G in theway that you would think. So it’s, I guess not able to do itwhen you’re using dual SIM, you won’t get the full advantage of 5g, but let’s try out 5G. So we’llwait for it to set up my carrier. It will take just a moment.I know that I have 5g, but five G will intelligently switchbetween five and 4g to save battery life. So let me turn off wifi.And it says five G. So let’s go in, download a couple apps.We’ll see what the RAM is like in here. And also test out 5Gspeeds, where I’m at now, I’ve installed two applications, geekbench five, and you can see, we have, Apple’s A14 bionic runningat 2.9, nine gigahertz, and 3.622 gigabytes ofRam. So you can yeah. Expect four gigabytes ofRam in this phone. And then, so let’s do a quick speed test to seewhat we’ve got. So we’re on T-Mobile 5G. I’ve only got a couple of bars here, but I do have 5G and that’spretty fast for two bars where I’m at. Normally I get at least halfthat or less than half of that on 4G. So 124 megabits per second down. Of course this is notmillimeter wave. If I had that, it could be a gigabit per seconddown or more upload is right now, it’s hitting about 14megabits per second up, which is actually pretty goodfor T-Mobile service here. So it just depends where you’re at,but 132 down by 13 and a half up, I’d say that’s pretty good for5G for just two bars of service. And that would improvebased on your location, whether or not you’re usingmillimeter wave, but that new antenna, and that’s only available inthe United States on Verizon. So I don’t have millimeter wave.I don’t think as far as T-Mobile, but I’ll have to check that later on. Now, life is supposedly aboutthe same as the iPhone 11, unless you’re using 5G some earlyreports are saying one to two hours, less battery life using 5g. Soif you go into your settings, let’s see if we can turn off5G if you wanted to do that. So we’ll go into cellular. Nowunder cellular data options, you can have voice and data on 5Gauto or data mode allow more data on 5g, so you can leave it on thestandard mode, low data mode, or allow more data. And thenalso voice and data. Again, you have the same options,five G on auto or just LTE. So if you wanted to savesome battery that way, and you don’t have 5G coveragewhere you’re at, you can switch to that. Now this is also IP68 certified -six meters for up to 30 minutes, as far as water submersion. And then also you can seethis as a fingerprint magnet, just from unboxing itand doing this video. You can see the fingerprintsall over the back now, whether or not the glass is anystronger being ceramic shield, it’s up to four times more drop, resist,or shatter resistant when dropping, but whether or not it’s morescratch resistant. It’s hard to say, of course only time will tell. As faras that goes. Now, one thing to note, this is an oled display, and it may bother some people’seyes if you’re sensitive to it. I don’t know many otherpeople that mention it, but basically Ola displayscontrol brightness byflickering the screen faster or slower. And this bothers some people’seyes with the latest Apple displays. It’s not usually an issue becausethey’re doing it at a very fast rate, but LCD displays such as thaton the iPhone 11, don’t do that. So if you’re really sensitive to it,you may want to stick with an 11, but the 12 should be fine withthat. The 11 pro max was for me. And so we’ll have, I have to wait andsee, but you can’t see it physically.

It does bother about one in 10 people’seyes. So just keep that in mind, if you’re looking at this phone now, as far as performance performanceseems to be great, of course, it’s going to take time toknow how that is over time, but the a 14 CPU shouldobviously be very fast. Now the back is getting a little bitwarm, so that’s something to note. And I think that’s just becauseI initially set it up, of course, I’ll have to set it up with all myown apps and test it out as well, but it is a little bit warm on theback. So just keep that in mind. But the nice thing about MagSafe is itshouldn’t really be warm while charging. It leaves everything well vented.And if you have a case, of course, you could always take that off, butit seems like a great way to charge. And then of course you can use yourwhile charging if you need to with this solution. So I think that’sa great way to do that, and I can’t wait to see theother accessories for it as well. So that’s it for the iPhone 12 of course, I’ll have to use it for a littlewhile before I do a full review, since I’ve only had it fora couple of hours. Now, I’m curious to know what you think ofthis footage. Since I’m recording it, using the 4K camera on the iPhone,12, as well as its internal mic. I don’t have a separate mic connected,but throughout the rest of the video, I was using a fairly high endcamera, a Sony, a seven S three. So I’m curious to know whichfootage you like best. Now, if you’d like to get yourhands on this wallpaper, I had in the video as well as the onefrom the iPhone 11 I’ll link those in the description like I normally do. Ifyou haven’t subscribed already though, please subscribe. And if you enjoyedthe video, please give it a like, as always. Thanks for watching.I’ll see you next time.

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